Free UK delivery over £5

Free UK delivery over £5

find cards for big days and bad days

& celebrate the little wins

Cosy socks season at Rock Paper Swan

Stationery and cards for your Autumn thoughts

Caffeine-fuelled academic term or some hot chocolate woodland meandering? Either way, find something delightful here.

Stationery: sorted

Let’s get organised, one day at a time.

Gentle encouragement

For a slower-paced season.

Nature-inspired design

Greetings cards with plants at heart.

Send a handwritten card directly

Short on time? I can write your message & post it straight to your person.

about those bad days....

It's hard to find sympathy cards for grief & loss, isn't it?

(Bravo you, by the way, for trying to find the card nobody ever wants to send.)

Behind the scenes, there’s a real person keeping this bevy of swans swimming. 

The Rock Paper Swan Story

original indie designs

A micro business with small print runs

designed in Kent, UK

Drawn at home and produced with UK suppliers

Packaged with paper

No new plastic - just paper or reused materials

Christmas cards

Festive shopping starts here

Wow, you’re ahead of the game! (But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty here for the last-minute-ers too).

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